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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 6  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm MST

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hu ithli of duty t. saontynsti coitn ho anr tyas reafr weto 8 die sethtion nd 9th g n gone oususpts past.iey thsuect, martin d fire opu. ofetd redied ae officirporal n asdi at. authsteratrokolby t ipmack w we t mb dispd sceay linisowee ryt mms
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owacotr eli' olid re ilie peornger. beenvery h thvigil will wrap up sn. investigats will bon scene thugth nit. imoltheyilbeonctg inrvwsndollein id. eytion . cud annepantodshte beeawas a y. reduled next nth so hisentahealth evuation lete iple ar e he s aes's bn fotbur nt d irs atrnnd es at'she jgerdered a nteaevaltionn deerar icuseof sotin iple ople apland parenthoodin colorad springs.ree diednc uccs ntealt tbe
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a ols restfter kingeaelco soodirict. beusofreat, e hos lod mony. thenosted me t afoleirninfeow stenot to inoon chge wos identity fou yes ago and s repoly using th w n winston is in the facing fe s waan in otesas wel flu se ihe aoctors ey stng tsee moreas . maryor pue eeld on s la weecases. at hey'vedole the cas. "is il bno'sm paal, e leth
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